Having great articles on your site is well, great – but unless you can drive traffic to it then it doesn’t have much of a chance of being read and consumers don’t know what you have to say.

Through Native Advertising technology it allows you to position your content on hundreds of different websites, infront of thousands of readers – which in turn drives traffic to your site. In a recent campaign we drove nearly 10x the amount of visitors to a clients website, using the content articles they had – and 89% were new visitors to the brand.

If you are looking for wide reach, to distribute your content and pull traffic to your site, then native advertising can work for you!

We can make recommendations on creating the content if you haven’t already developed it and use a native advertising platform to seed it out – your content can end up on Skysports, Daily newspaper platforms and many, many more.

What we offer:

Audit of Content to use for Native Advertising
Setup and Management of Platforms – including Best Practice Guidelines
A,B Testing of Content
Full Reporting on Performance – Funnel Analysis
Budget Management

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